Mr James Fenton

I am a Senior Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes at the Centre for Education and Teaching Innovation (CETI).

I studied English and Theatre Studies at the University of Warwick and then went travelling for work, eventually gaining over 20 years' teaching experience in 11 countries.  Returning to the UK, I established two English-language businesses (tuition for international students applying to UK Universities and academic editing), managed a South London centre for people with language and learning difficulties, and completed an MA in Linguistics at UCL.  That was followed with a PGCert in Higher Education and becoming a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority.

My research focuses on the cognitive processes that underpin language ability, particularly in relation to pedagogical approaches, assessment and independent learning. My most recent research, in collaboration with colleagues around Europe, examines the best ways to assess and support bilinguals within prevailing educational frameworks. Future research includes better ways to sustain independent learning, transitions, and student wellbeing in higher education. 


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