Prof John Golding

John originally trained as a biochemist at Oxford, but became interested in psychology, gaining another first degree, in psychology, before completing his DPhil there on the physiological and psychological effects of smoking. He then did research on psychoactive drugs and pain relief in the Pharmacology Department of Newcastle Medical School followed by an extended period in government service doing a wide range of applied research (human factors) including motion sickness, cognitive performance in divers, desensitisation of pilots, and military selection and training, at the Institute of Naval Medicine, RAF Institute of Aviation Medicine and Center for Human Sciences (DERA). John has been awarded the posts of Professor of Psychology (Honorary), Guys & St Thomas's Hospital, Kings College, London, and Visiting Professor at Imperial College, London. His current research projects are mainly in the fields of motion sickness, spatial disorientation and health psychology. John is the author of the Motion Sickness Susceptibility Questionnaire Short Form (MSSQ-Short).

  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Centre for Psychological Sciences