Mr Robert Leach

Mr Robert Leach

Robert Leach was educated at Kingston University and graduated in 1981, has been in the fashion business for over 30 years, working first as designer in his own right, then in the field of styling and journalism; working for such visionary publications as the then fledgling i-D Magazine, in film and television and on major advertising campaigns.

His first love is for visual research and his first book on the subject, The Fashion Resource Book; research for design was published by Thames and Hudson in August 2012. In it he explains the exciting process of researching for design to the young designer. Interviews with leading contemporary designers and education professionals enable the reader both to understand the vital role of research and to discover the techniques the designers have adapted for themselves, whilst a richly illustrated profile of the major themes of fashion is a highly original resource for the reader to draw on for their own research. A menswear edition of the Fashion Resource Book was published two years later and the books have now been translated and published in both Japan and China.

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Research areas

Visual research material both for design and as a personal archivist/collector.