Prof Roza Tsagarousianou

Prof Roza Tsagarousianou

I have been invited as a keynote speaker in numerous events, including the World Electronic Media Forum, the International Organisation for Migration Conference on Media and Migration, the Westminster Foundation on Ethnicity, Religion and the Media Forum, and the Demos Becoming Virtual project. I have authored reports for NGOs and Media organisations and local councils (BBC, IOM, Hackney Council among others). 

Journalism Education and Inclusive Society

Workshop / 14 Oct 2021 - 15 Oct 2021

Refugee/Migration Flows MA, University of Athens

Workshop / 08 Oct 2021 - 08 Oct 2021

Diversity and Media: 10 years in Review

Talk/presentation / 09 Feb 2022 - 09 Feb 2022

Invited Talk on Time and Mobility, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Talk/presentation / 04 Nov 2021 - 04 Nov 2021

In the Press