Mr Pete Owen

Mr Pete Owen

I studied B.A. (Hons.) and M.A. painting at Chelsea School of Art in the early 1980s.

From 1988 – 2002 I was co-organiser of City Racing, the London-based artists-run gallery and project. ‘City Racing: The life and times of an artists-run gallery’ (1988 –1998) was published in 2002 and gives an honest overview of the gallery and the contemporary art scene in London during that period.

In association with City Racing I have also exhibited in: ‘Life / Live’ at the Musee d’art moderne in Paris (1996) and at the Museum de Belem in Lisbon, Portugal (1997), ‘Century City’ (2001) at Tate Modern and ‘City Racing: a partial account’ (2001) at The Institute of Contemporary Art, London.

I have exhibited at galleries in Turin, Vienna, Bremen, Istanbul, Berlin, London, Manchester, Hull and Somerset.

My current practice involves the making of paintings and objects that consider the relationship between: the original and the copy, the retro and nostalgia, short and long term memory, auto-biography and fiction, the meaningful and the meaningless.