Mr Tasos Ptohos

Mr Tasos Ptohos

Academic qualifications

  • M.Sc. in Optimisation and Computing, Loughborough University of Technology.
  • B.Sc. in Mathematics (Applied), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Departmental responsibilities

  • Teaching mainly Pg modules in Database Systems / Theory / Languages / Administration
  • Learning, Teaching and Quality Rep
  • Member and Deputy Chair of the Cavendish CASG (2005/6 2007/8)
  • Chair of the Annual Monitoring UG IS Cognate Group
  • Chair/Member of various review/validation panels
  • Course Leader for MSc Adv Info Tech using Oracle & MSc Database Systems
  • Admissions Tutor for MSc Adv Info Tech using Oracle & MSc Database Systems
  • Personal Tutor for MSc Adv Info Tech using Oracle & MSc Database Systems students
  • Postgraduate Projects Co-ordinator for DISC (2001/2 2006/7)Postgraduate Courses Induction Co-ordinator
  • Postgraduate Courses Marketing Co-ordinator (2004/5 2005/6)
  • Postgraduate Courses Exams Officer
  • Postgraduate Courses Timetabler
  • Database Expert Group Chair
  • Oracle Academic Initiative Co-ordinator
  • Member of the Schools Web Group
  • Nominated Staff Appraiser for DISC

Industrial and commercial experience

  • External Examiner for a number of institutions incl. Kingston University (2004 present),
  • Swansea Metropolitan University (2006 present), Univ. of London (LSE) External Programme (2000 2003).
  • External Advisor in validation/review panels
  • Reviewer for a number of International Conferences, incl. ITI (2003), CGIV (2004), IADIS e-society (2009).
  • Analyst / Programmer for a software-house, Thessaloniki, Greece (19815 & 19867).

Cover most areas of data management, systems integration and with particular emphasis on Database Languages:

  • query languages, query processing, visual query languages;
  • information management, data transformation & integration;
  • web information retrieval and user interaction with the web;
  • Semantic web technologies incl. XML, RDF and web services;
  • e-business technologies;
  • info systems development and deployment; the history of database systems