Mr Samir Pandya

Assistant Head of School

DepartmentArchitecture and Cities
Research groupGlobal Itineraries
Architectural History and Theory

Research outputs

Disrupting Heritage: mosques as mediators of British Identity
Saleem, S. 2020. Disrupting Heritage: mosques as mediators of British Identity. in: Pandya, S. (ed.) Architecture and Nation Taylor & Francis.

Off Grid
Watson, V.A., Pandya, S., Weng, J., de Alberto Castro, Justine, Dimitriou, E., Tengtrirat, N., Mansoor, Z., Yurtbulmus, Y., Montina, J., Klak, N., Vasilev Martin and de Castro, A. 2015. Off Grid. Architecture Studios, SABE, University of Westminster, Marylebone Block, 35 Marylebone Road 10 Nov 2015

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