Dr Naveeda Qaseem

Naveeda Qaseem joined Westminster Business School (WBS) at University of Westminster in September 2011 as a Visiting Lecturer and was assigned the position of Lecturer in March 2014. She is also serving as an online instructor for University of Liverpool for the modules related to energy economics, managing energy sources and managerial economics. She also delivers lectures at senior corporate levels. Prior to that she has been involved in various academic and research assignments in UK, Japan and Pakistan. Being part of dynamic team for one of the research projects, she worked and helped to investigate socio-economic aspects of renewable energy. She also provided support and assistance to conduct the research on dissemination of sustainable energy technologies in rural households of developing countries. Number of her research papers have been published in journals and presented in international conferences. She holds a PhD from Mie University Japan which was supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (MEXT), Japan. Her research areas and interests  are renewable energy, energy policy,  demand for energy and its impact on energy prices and economic growth, foreign investment and economic development.

Sustainable Development Goals