Ms Jini Rawlings

Selected Exhibitions


  • 2010 Current work in progress: Wave/ing. Funded by Arts Council England.This will be a video and glass installation inspired by journeys to Iceland and Shetland. Fragments of narratives drawn from the wartime journal of an Aberdeen trawler skipper, experiences of Norwegian refugees in Shetland and travel writings of Elizabeth Jane Oswald are linked by the gesture of the Wave
  • 2009 Land/Sea-Scapes of Memory -solo exhibition including 'Tri-angulation', 'Hrimceald Sae' 'Kitchie deems to NAAFI Girls', 'Illegitimate Daughter' and new work 'Longmuir/Langmuir', Duff House Aberdeenshire (National Galleries of Scotland)
  • 2008 'Tri-angulations , video installation work, until 21 September at The Bargate Gallery in Southampton as part of Artvaults season 4.
  • 2008 As the Crow Flies - video projections Perspex, black glass, London Gallery West, 2009 Gregynog Hall, University of Wales
  • 2006 "Mariners and Migrants" 2 video and glass installations, 'Hrimceald Sae' and 'Sent to Sea', commissioned for New Visions Programme exhibited at National Maritime Museum, 'Hrimceald sae ' exhibited Aug 2006 London Gallery west
  • 2003-4 'Gone into the Workhouse' site specific video/glass installation, for ArtinRomney Marsh, Coastal currents, exhibited Experiments in Moving Image, University of Westminster 2004, London Gallery West 2004
  • 2001-4 'Illegitimate Daughter' etched glass panels and light box, exhibited University of Westminster 2001, Brighton Festival 2003, touring exhibition, Presence and Absence, funded by Scottish Arts Council locations including Crawford Arts centre St Andrews, Inverness Museum and Art gallery, The Hub, Sleaford 2003-4
  • 2003 'The Ocean Between' video projection & etched glass panels, Exhibited Dock Museum Barrow in Furness.
  • 2001-03 'Kitchie deems to NAAFI girls 100 years of Illegitimacy' video projections and installation, Exhibited at University of Westminster 2001, Artin heaven, Brighton Festival 2003
  • 1998-03 'Screen Memories' video projections and installation. Exhibited Brighton University Gallery 1998, Phoenix Gallery Brighton 1999, University of Westminster 2000. Shot in India in 2007 and inspired by the uprising of 1857-8 it explores some of the complexities of the historic relationship between England and India. The optical qualities of black glass mirrors suggest the elusive nature of memory and the intangibility of the recorded past


  • 1993 "A Pool of Information", The Peckham Experiment 1935-50
  • 1987 "A Door in the Wall," Alternatives to Violence part one
  • 1986 "Common Ground" Alternatives to Violence part two
  • 1984 "Babies against the Bomb" co-producer/director /camera


  • 2001 University of Liverpool, Testimony conference
  • 2002 Ruskin College Oxford, Public History conference
  • 2005 Ruskin College Oxford, Public History conference


  • Arts Council of England 
  • 2008 New researchers grant University of Westminster 
  • 2007 New researchers grant University of Westminster 
  • 2005 Arts Council Grants for Artists 
  • 2005/6 Leverhulme Artist in Residence 
  • 2005 Winston Churchill Traveling Fellowship 

Jini Rawlings has been exhibiting video /sculptural installations since 1997 following earlier single screen work and photography. Her current Arts' council funded work, focusing on Shetland and Iceland, continues her research into the effects of dis-located histories in maritime locations. She has a particular interest in Northern Scotland and in 2009 had a solo retrospective, Land/Sea-scapes of Memory, at Duff House (National galleries of Scotland.) This was an indirect consequence of her yearlong artist's residency at the National Maritime Museum which culminated in 2006 in an exhibition under the New Visions programme entitled 'Mariners and Migrants in Search of Home'. She was invited to become their first artist in residence following a showing of a video and glass installation during 'Experiments in Moving Image' at the University of Westminster. She had a long involvement with the Independent Sector of Film and Video and was co-founder and Chair of Reel Women, a networking organisation for women in Film Video and Television.

Her work explores the contemporary resonances of memory and history, focussing on the personal and emotional responses to dis-location. Her practice typically involves the creation of multiple non-synchronous video loops based on location filming and extensive archival research, which are projected onto or through layers of glass or Perspex to reflect the fragmented or elusive nature of Broken Narratives. As a late discovered adoptee she is particularly interested in the multiple readings that may be developed through non-linear story telling and the creation of open texts, which engage audiences on a number of levels.

My current work focuses on the visual exploration of broken/fractured narratives, based on extensive archival research and location filming. My practice typically involves the creation of installations using video projected through (etched) glass panels. The multi layering of image and text reflects ideas of conflicted, fragmentary memory. My work is based on hidden or obscured histories and has previously focused on illegitimacy, emigration and experiences of the workhouse. I am concerned with the reconfiguration of the archive and the affective contemporary resonance of archival sources; rearticulating and questioning the uses and resonance of language and the particular import of historical handwritten text. My recent work 'Mariners and Migrants in search of home' was based on research into 19th century child migrants, "Home Children", and young sailors who sailed the transatlantic route between Great Britain and Canada. A Winston Churchill traveling fellowship enabled me to sail to Canada to film and do archival research there.

  • Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media