Ms Helen Reddington

Helen Reddington has been lecturing in production and cultural theory on popular music courses for around fifteen years; prior to this she spent more than 7 years performing as Helen McCookerybook in post-punk bands The Chefs ( and Helen and the Horns ( both of which were much admired by the late John Peel and recorded Radio 1 sessions for him) and later, writing music for film and TV, including Channel 4's controversial "No One Likes Us, We Don't Care" about Millwall football club. She has recently started performing and touring again, and has released two solo albums, Suburban Pastoral (available from Rough Trade) and Poetry and Rhyme (distributed by Voiceprint).

She has also written songs for several musicals and musical projects, and has recently been employed by Creative Partnerships as a song writing mentor.

Last year she published The Lost Women of Rock Music (Ashgate Press), an academic book that charts the rise and fall of female instrumentalists in punk and rock bands in the UK punk era, featuring interviews with members of The Slits, Girlschool, The Raincoats and Dollymixture, amongst others.

She runs songwriting sessions across the UK and is an avid blogger ( She is currently working with Martin Stephenson (of The Daintees) on a joint album to be released in 2009 and has recently recorded some rockabilly tracks with Martin, John Cavener from The Band of Holy Joy, and the legendary Joe Guillan