Mr Heiner Schenke

I am Senior Lecturer in German and have directed the University's Open Language Programme, Polylang, for many years.

Prior to joining the University of Westminster as a full-time member in 2001, I worked as a lecturer in German for various universities and colleges in London. 

I am the author of several German language courses and grammar books, among them the best-selling Willkommen series.


I am able to speak to media queries on British-German relations and foreign language learning in the UK.

The main areas of my reseach are:

  • foreign language course book methodologies 
  • use of ICT/Blended learning in language teaching 
  • British-German relationships, with a particular interest in the perception of London by German travelers in the 18th and 19th Century 

My methodological approach for the language courses I have written is based upon research into modern communicative language teaching and a considerable numbers of years' experience as a practitioner. For publication details, see under Recent publications.