Dr Victoria Watson

Dr Victoria Watson

I am a qualified Architect with a specialist degree in the History of Modern Architecture and a PhD in Architecture. I studied at the Bartlett School UCL and in the Department of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Central London.

Currently I am a Senior Lecturer here at the University of Westminster and I direct my own practice: Doctor Watson Architects. I have contributed articles about mind and matter in Modern and Contemporary art and architecture and about colour theory to a variety of journals and magazines. In 2010 I won a Rome scholarship and in 2012 my first book, Utopian Adventure: the Corviale Void was published. My architectonic models, generically called AIR Grid and derived from the study of /atmosphere/ in avant-garde painting and architecture, are sometimes exhibited in London and other locations. I have just published a new book, based on my PhD, entitled /Atmosphere/: The Origin of Air Grid and am currently working on a proposal for a College of Colour, which will be published in volume three of my Incomplete Works.

My research is multidisciplinary. It combines academic writing for journals and books, devising, making and displaying AIR Grid structures, painting, self-publishing and animation.

The theme of my research is imagination. I am especially interested in overlaps between the history of architecture, art, media and science and there place in the world system of capital.

I am currently studying Tate Modern and its relation to the architecture of the City (by which I mean London's financial district) and to the proposed new Museum of the Twentieth Century, also by Herzog and de Meuron, for Berlin's Culture Forum.

  • Architectural Humanities

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History of architecture, art, science and media