Mr Richard West

Mr Richard West

With a background in telecommunications and the digital industries, I joined Westminster Business School as a visiting lecturer after completing my MBA in 2002 and became full-time when I was appointed course leader for MA International Business and Management (MA IBM) in 2011.

I am a pro-active academic and industry focused marketer, with extensive experience leading large-scale international post graduate courses and managing international partnerships and franchise programmes. 

As a life-long sports fanatic, I developed an undergraduate module in Sports Marketing for the BA Business Management programme - however,  it has always been my desire to develop a sports related business degree at Westminster and this year (2021) that ambition was realised after the successful validation of the BA Sports Management. 

My areas of research interest lie in the examination of cultural aspects related to  Transnational Education and the relevance of corporate social responsibility and diversity in sport and the power of 'sustainability' to create customer value.  

Consultancy and professional practice

-          2011/12:  Academic lead in a joint research program with the Institute of Sales Promotion (ISP) to investigate the structure, dynamics and value of the UK Sales Promotion Industry.

-          2012/13: Joint academic lead in the development and delivery of Business Strategy and Marketing workshop for the Institute of Speech Therapists – delivering the program to five centres in the UK (London, Belfast, Newcastle, Cardiff, Manchester).  

-          2015 – Present: regular KTP programs for start-up FMCG companies in marketing strategy and brand positioning (Percol coffee; London Crisp Company; Ufit protein supplements).

-          2016: Trans National Education (TNE) strategic business planning workshop for Thai Universities (funded by the British council).

Industry white papers:

-          2010: Sustainable growth: Challenges and opportunities. 1st White paper written in collaboration with the Institute of Promotional Marketing, London.

-          2011: In place of price: taming price discounting. 2nd  White paper written in collaboration with Institute of Promotional Marketing, London.

‘Impact of Social Media Intensity and Celebrity Culture on Conspicuous Consumption: A Cross Cultural Analysis.’.

 ‘Spreading the good: what aspects of CSR strategy create value for consumers? A comparative study of Unilever and Danone’s strategies and London millennial consumers' perceptions using Oxfam's ‘Behind the Brands’ framework (in writing).

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