Mr Matthew Gooderson

Mr Matthew Gooderson

Matt Gooderson has sustained an international music industry career as a music producer, songwriter, composer, and performer. His productions have recently been featured on the prestigious New Music Friday playlists for Apple Music and Spotify. 

Matt was a founder member and producer of the band Infadels who’s career highlights include over five hundred shows in twenty different countries touring with The Prodigy, Faithless, Scissor Sisters, Charlie XCX and the Chemical Brothers; a number one dance album and a number one Independent single which culminated in the sale of over forty thousand records.

Matt’s productions have been also used in a variety of media settings including games (Grand Turismo, FIFA), television (CSI Miami), and advertising (Mazda, 3 Mobile, Cheryl Cole’s ‘Stylist Pic’, Carling and Liqui Fruit).

Matt Is currently working on a record with Eno biographer David Sheppard, a new album for BMG, and has just finished producing an E.P. for the London based band, Arctic Lake.

Here is a link to my blog, which contains some of Matt's music and a collection of his thoughts on creativity. 

Matt's research is centred around creativity and the creative process. The aim of the research is to gain a clearer understanding of what is actually happening when we make things. In my first piece of research, I discovered that a dramatic difference existed between the creative process of professional and student songwriting teams; namely that professionals spent 14% of their time developing ideas, while the students spent only 2% of their time on new ideas. Strikingly, the students spent three days perfecting their first idea while the professionals generated a number of different ideas before committing to one.

Relating this idea to education, we know that a plethora of research supports the need to develop creativity, but there is limited research into exactly how we do this. This small study indicates that we can achieve a lot more with our creative pedagogies to facilitate this learning.

Here is the link to a small video Matt made about creativity research.