Prof Jimmy Bell

Prof Jimmy Bell

I joined the University of Westminster in August 2014 aiming to create a new Research Centre for Optimal Health (ReCOH). I have a long interest in obesity research and the factors that determine optimal health and accelerated ageing.

I completed my PhD at London University, in 1987, developing MR techniques to assess biological processes and went on to work as a post-doctoral researcher in metabolism and obesity. I subsequently joined the Royal Postgraduate Medical School as a Lecturer. Worked extensively on the development and application of in vivo methodologies for the study of disease development, demonstrating for the first time the importance of gene-environment interaction in obesity. Joined the MRC CSC (Imperial College London) in the mid-90', where I was appointed Professor and Group Head. The main goal of my research program was in integrating biochemical, molecular biology and MR techniques to define the influence(s) of candidate genes and specific environmental factors on optimal health and chronic diseases, particularly those associated with adipose tissue metabolism and function.

My current research focus is to elucidate the mechanism underpinning the development and maintenance of Optimal Health throughout adult life. 

Thus, research in our group spans the study of quantum biology through to detailed analysis of human physiology.

The key objectives are:

  • To determine the mechanisms surrounding the changes in phenotypic flexibility and their effects on optimal health and accelerated ageing
  • To develop quantum biology technology for metabolic dysfunction, including type II diabetes and cancer
  • To develop technological know-how to assess metabolic dysfunction, accelerated ageing, and optimal health.

Professional activities include:

  • PI UK Biobank (Enhanced Phenotyping)
  • Grant Reviewer, Wellcome Trust; BBSRC; BHF; MRC; NIHR; DoH
  • PhD External Examiner, in UK, EU and USA

Sustainable Development Goals
In brief

Research areas

Optimal Health , Accelerated Ageing, Mitochondrial Function, Quamtum Biology, Obesity and Adipose Tissue Content and Function and Type II diabetes

Skills / expertise

Imaging; Mitochondria; Obesity