Dr Issam Malki

Dr Issam Malki

Dr Malki studied at the University of Dundee (PhD in Economics), University of Manchester (MSc Econometrics) and University of Algiers (License in Econometrics).

Dr Malki is currently a Senior Lecturer in Economics. He has previously held positions at Sheffield Business School (Senior Lecturer in Economics) and University of Bath (Teaching Fellow in Economics).

Current research includes applied econometric modelling of financial markets, development economics, income inequality and convergence, the Philips curve, microfinance, labour market and immigration and environmental economics.

In brief

Research areas

Econometric (theory and applied), Development economics, sustainable development and sustainable finance., Microfinance, financial inclusions and FinTech., Energy and environmental economics. and Big Data and Machine Learning in economics and finance.

Skills / expertise

Time Series Econometrics and Structural Breaks, Potential Outcomes Model for Causal Inference and Programming in GAUSS, MATLAB, Python and R.

Supervision interests

The Econometrics of Big Data, Income Convergence, Inflation Dynamics and the Phillips Curve, Dynamics of Cryptocurrencies and Time Series Analysis (Structural Breaks and Unit Root Tests)