Mr Jamie Reddington

Mr Jamie Reddington

The North London native infuses his love of films, stories, and human experiences to share an honest and visceral experience through his music, which takes on an air of nostalgia through its sound & imagery. Seeping in the culture of UK dance music, hip-hop and soul, his musical ethos, based around the concept of finding beauty in imperfection, takes inspiration from the likes of Massive Attack, Jamie XX, Burial and Frank Ocean. His unique sound helping amass a dedicated fan base spanning the globe. Embracing new formats to determine his own lane in the industry, Sound of Fractures is ensuring he remains at the very forefront of the contemporary electronic scene. An enigmatic all-around creative, drawing attention for his grasp of his sound and style, is one of the most captivating and nuanced artists in the genre. 
 “I don't know where it will take me or what will influence me next and that's exciting... Music as an experience should be fluid and lead you down new paths. I don't want to fit in a box.”

Current research topics:

Reforming popular music education at higher education level: HE popular music education has a unique position in the music education landscape due to the diversity of the student body, its layered relationship with technology, and its students being at the coal face of redefining what it means to be a musician. My research aims to explore the key factors that contribute to this, explore how they interact, what we can learn, and the impact this has on students, educators and pedagogical practice. 

·       Musical Knowledge: An epistemology of popular music practice taking place within the boundaries of the performance pathways in Higher Popular Music Education.

·       “It is some­ thing that we do rather than something that we have”: An exploration of the presumed musical identities of the Students on HPME courses

·       Higher Popular Music Education: A Sociological Perspective on Student Body Diversity

  • Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media

In brief

Research areas

Music, Education, block chain, NFT, Music Production, Song Writing, Music Education, Music Technology, Inovation and Web3

Skills / expertise

Music, Teaching, Marketing, Blockchain, Music Artist Development, Music Production, Community Building, NFTs and Web3
Universal Music Sound Foundation Funding Award

Universal Music Sound Foundation