Dr Barbara Villarini

Dr. Barbara Villarini is Lecturer in Software Engineering in the Department of Computer Science and an active researcher in medical imaging processing and 3D data regisitration and reconstruction. 

She graduated in Information Engineering at the University of Perugia, Italy, in 2005. She received her master degree in Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Perugia, in 2008, and her doctorate degree in Information Engineering also from the University of Perugia in 2012. Her doctoral work was focused on multimedia and image processing, 2D/3D image and video quality assessment and error protection. Following a period working as software developer for Digital Cinema applications, she joined for almost three years the Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC) at UCL as research associate to work in the field of image-guided interventions, developing novel technologies for minimal invasive procedures for diagnosing and treating prostate cancer.


My current research interests are:

  • 3D Registration and Reconstruction
  • Image and Video Quality Assessment
  • Medical Image Processing

  • Computational Vision and Imaging Technology