Dr Enrica Papa

Dr Enrica Papa

I am Reader in Transport Planning and Course Leader since July 2016 and my research is positioned at the intersection of urban, mobility and economic geography. I have a PhD in Transport Network and City Planning and I have published widely in this area. I have taught, researched, and consulted on mobility planning for over 15 years, working in different international contexts in Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy.

My main research interest is access planning and changes towards sustainable mobilities. I am the Transport and Mobilities Research Group co-convenor at the University of Westminster. I welcome PhD applications from students interested in sustainable mobility planning, TOD, tactical urbanism and street experiments.

My current research projects are:

15-minute City Mapping. The project aims at mapping international experiences and identifying critical criteria and elements for in-depth case studies of application in practice of the 15-minute city concept. Exploring and sharing global expertise, the project will accelerate the transition toward sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant cities.

Ex-TRA – Experimenting with City Streets to Transform Urban Mobility.  The project aims to generate insights into (1) combinations of physical design and regulation to increase diversity and inclusivity of uses and users in city streets; (2) transport and land use conditions to enable walking and cycling accessibility in city districts; (3) complementary shared and micro-mobility and freight delivery options; and (4) strategies of change that can accelerate the transition towards a ‘post-car’ city.

ACUTE (Accessibility and Connectivity knowledge hub for Urban Transformation in Europe) addresses the challenges of sustainable urban passenger mobility, freight transport and connectivity as an integral and essential part of sustainable urban development. ACUTE will enable cross-project cooperation, extract and consolidate knowledge and initiate efforts to support practitioners. It gathers 12 partners from 5 different countries (Austria, France, Latvia, Sweden and the United Kingdom)

GeoSence elaborates on geofencing solutions to improve traffic flow, safety and air quality. The project's overall objective is to design, trial and evaluate geofencing concepts and solutions for specific cases in cities, within the project and from other previous/ongoing geofencing initiatives, and to propose new ways of successfully deploying geofencing technologies.


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Sustainable mobility, Transport geography, Land use and transport interaction and Mobility planning

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Sustainable mobility, Street experiments, Transit Oriented Development, Multi modal mobility planning and 15-minute city