Ms Corinna Dean

Ms Corinna Dean

Dr Corinna Dean is a senior lecturer, critical urbanist and artist. Her current work looks at the intersection between ecologies, landscape and buildings. This she explored through a recent residency on the Isle of Sheppey looking at erosion and perception and participated in the Incidental Unit project, where she ran a two day workshop at the South London Gallery. She is running a co-production project titled Liquid Futures with Cody Dock, an ecologically centred charity on the River Lee, London to create Floating Reed Bed Systems, working with ideas around contamination and remediation. Her work explore engagement with ecologies around making and expanding debate around urban ecologies working across cultural platforms. 

She is a member of the Emerging Territories Group and ran the James Gowen construction shed project with Drawing Matter. A collaborative making project within the grounds of Shatwell Farm.  

She holds a PhD from the LSE Cities Programme which was a collaborative doctoral award with Tate Modern and is currently a Lecturer at the University of Westminster.

She launched ARCA, the Archive for Rural Contemporary Architecture, which is an open source archive to encourage participation bottom up, as well as re-engaging cold war structures and other architectural typologies in a rural context. She is engaged in devising cultural projects to bring these sites into the public consciousness through temporary activities such as workshops and creative interpretations. 

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