Prof Naomi Creutzfeldt

Prof Naomi Creutzfeldt

I am a professor of socio-legal studies and teach public law, comparative law and socio-legal research methods. 

Before joining Westminster (in 2016) I worked at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Oxford. There I developed my interests in administrative and civil justice systems and ADR (as pathways of informal dispute resolution), addressing questions of access to justice, vulnerability, and consumer protection. I won an ESRC future research leaders grant to work on ‘Trusting the middle-man: impact and legitimacy of ombudsmen in Europe’ ( 2013 -2016). One of the main academic outputs is my monograph: Ombudsmen and ADR (palgrave 2018). 

 This project was the basis for the project I just completed (also ESRC funded), with Chris Gill (Glasgow): ‘Access to Justice, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and consumer vulnerability in the European energy sector’ (2017-2020). The book is just published: Access to Justice for Vulnerable and Energy-Poor Consumers: Just Energy?(Hart) 

 I have a particular interested in the decision-making procedures and the perceptions thereof by users of the administrative and civil justice systems. My research activities take me across Europe, engaging with ombuds, judges, NGOs, activists, 'everyday' people and other academics. I present my work at many conferences across Europe (and the US) and am always keen to host a workshop and plan knowledge exchange and engagement events. 

I am very interested in the current process to digitalize parts of the justice system in the UK and am doing some work on how this affects access to justice for more vulnerable groups. I am working on a Nuffield funded project “The court reform programme and the response to the pandemic. Evaluating trust in justice: How has the pandemic changed how people access justice and enforce their rights?(September 2021 – February 2023). Our team is made up of: Dr Arabella Kyprianides (UCL), Prof Ben Bradford (UCL), Prof Jon Jackson (LSE), Heidi Bancroft (AJC/JUSTICE) and myself.   

I am also working with Dr Christian Boulanger (MPI Frankfurt) and Dr Jen Hendry (Leeds) on a book project ‘Socio-legal trajectories in Germany and the UK’.

I am passionate about socio legal research methods and training. Besides teaching socio legal research theory and methods, I am currently co-editing (with Marc Mason and Kirsten McConnachie) a book: Routledge Handbook on Socio-Legal Theory and Methods (Routledge 2019).

At the law school I took over as research director in 2019 and was responsible for impact case studies for the 2021 REF.

I am a member of the Law and Society Association (USA), the Socio-Legal Studies Association (UK), an individual associate member of the Ombudsman Association and serve on the standards board of the dispute resolution ombudsman. I serve on the executive committee of the SLSA, and am a Fellow of Wolfson College (Oxford). I am an ADR group Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator, and a member of the ESRC Peer Review College (UKRI). 

I have been invited to co-chair the academic panel of the new Administrative Justice Council, am a council member as well as part of the steering group. I also serve as a board member of JUSTICE and am on the academic panel of the Public Law Project. I have been invited to be part of the court reform evaluation advisory panel by the Ministry of Justice/HMCTS. I am on the editorial board of public law and serve as the book review editor. 



My research interests include :

* Civil and administrative justice systems and access to justice;

* Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR);

* Dispute resolution/ behaviour;

* Digitalisation of procedures and justice;

* EU law and regulation;

* Socio-legal theory and methods;

* Online activism / social media;

* Ombudsmen and procedural justice;

* Vulnerable consumers and energy poverty;

* social determinants of health / health justice partnerships.


Nuffield Foundation on the court reform programme and the response to the pandemic. Evaluating trust in justice: How has the pandemic changed how people access justice and enforce their rights?

Max Plank Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory, Visiting Fellow together with C Boulanger and J Hendry over 24 months – starting 1 July 2021 - 

AHRC Networking grant ‘Administrative Justice Network’ April – November 2019  (with R.Thomas).

 Socio-Legal Studies Association one-day conference grant for ‚Rechtssoziologie/Socio-Legal Studies in Germany and the UK: Theory and Methods’ to be held at the Law & Society Institute (LSI), Humboldt University Berlin September 2019 (with J. Hendry). Recht im Kontext; Vereinigung für Rechtssoziologie (with Christian Boulanger).

ESRC project grant “Access to Justice, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and consumer vulnerability in the European energy sector” 2017-2020 – with Chris Gill (Glasgow). 

Project for the German Ministry of Justice  „Funktionsweise der Allgemeinen Verbraucherschlichtungsstelle“ over 4 years to oversee the use of a residual ADR body  – with Felix Steffek (Cambridge).

Citizens Advice tender (jointly with QMU): ‘Comparative performance analysis of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in selected consumer markets in the UK’  (December 2016-February 2017). 

ESRC Future Research Leaders Fellowship Project: Trusting the middle-man: impact and legitimacy of ombudsmen in Europe    (2013 - 2016)

The University of Oxford’s ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) was awarded to Naomi Creutzfeldt and Chris Gill (Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh) for their project: Critics of the ombudsman system: understanding and engaging online citizen activists (6/1/2015 - 12/31/2015)

Oxford University’s John Fell OUP Research Fund award for a collaborative project on:  Informality and the Media in Consumer Protection in Emerging Economies (with Petra MahyIginio Gagliardone and Nicole Stremlau).   Project Dates:  15/04/2015 - 15/02/2016.

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