Dr Kate Jordan

Dr Kate Jordan

I am a senior lecturer in Architectural History and Theory in the School of Architecture and Cities.  I am PhD coordinator for the School of Architecture and Cities and co-convener of the Architectural Humanities Research Group.

My research interests include modern and contemporary faith architecture; gender in architectural history and practice; inclusive heritage. I am joint PI on the RIBA-funded research project 'Moving pictures: reusing cinemas as places of worship in the diaspora'.

I welcome PhD applicants in the following areas:

Modern and contemporary faith architecture

Nineteenth and twentieth century British architecture

Gender and the built environment

Architectural heritage, conservation and adaptive reuse

Selected publications


K. Jordan and Ayla Lepine (eds) Modern Architecture for Religious Communities: Building The Kingdom, Routledge (2018)

Book Chapters

K. Jordan, 'Modernity and Monasticism: Roman and Anglo-Catholic Monasteries in the Twentieth Century' in Barnwell and Doig (eds) Places of Worship in Britain and Ireland 1929 -1990, Shaun Tyas, 2023

K. Jordan, 'Building the post-emancipation Church' in O'Brien & Mangion (eds) The Oxford History of Catholicism in Britain and Ireland, Oxford University Press, 2023

K. Jordan, 'Places of worship  in a changing faith landscape' in Harwood et al (eds) 100 Years 100 Churches, Batsford Books (2018)

K. Jordan, 'The 'Building Sisters' of Presteigne: Gender, Tradition and Innovation in Modern-era Roman Catholic architecture' in Jordan & Lepine (eds) Modern Architecture for Religious Communities: Building The Kingdom, Routledge (2018)

Peer-Reviewed Articles

K. Jordan, 'White Spirit: Situating Whiteness in Contemporary Church Architecture' Architectural Histories, Vol 11(1) pp.1-14 2023 (forthcoming)

K. Jordan, 'Between the Sacred and Secular: Faith, Space and Place in the Twenty-First Century' Architecture and Culture (advance online publication, 2023)

K. Jordan 'Victorian Values: Past and Present in the Refurbishment of London's Historic Churches', Journal of Architectural Conservation Vol 29 (1) pp. 20-39, 2022.

K. Jordan, 'Urban Churches in an Infrasecular Landscape: Three Case Studies from the Anglican Diocese of London', The Journal of Architecture, Vol 27, no 5-6  pp.346-271, 2022

K. Jordan, 'Artists Hidden from Human Gaze; Mysticism and Visual Culture in the Victorian Convent', British Catholic History, Vol 3, No. 2 pp.190-220, 2020

K. Jordan 'Spotless Lilies and Foul Smelling Weeds: Architecture and Moral Cleanliness in Victorian Magdalene Convents' Published in full on www.architecture.com (shortlisted for the RIBA Presidents Award for Research in Architectural History and Theory, 2016)

K. Jordan, 'Bruce Grove Transferred: The role of diverse traditions in historic conservation' Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review, Volume XX Number 11, pp 59-74, 2009

Guest edited Journal

K. Jordan & Shahed Saleem, 'Spiritual, Sacred, Secular: Places of faith in the twenty-first century',  Architecture and Culture, 2023 (forthcoming)

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