Dr Silvia Angeli

Dr Silvia Angeli

My research focuses on the relationship between religion and film, film-philosophy, Italian cinema, and the portrayal of female adolescence in film. I have published peer-reviewed articles on the work of European and North American filmmakers, including Kenneth Lonergan, Sarah Polley, Marco Bellocchio and Denis Côté. 

More recently, my research has shaped around two main areas of interest: ethical approaches to grief and mourning in film, particularly through an examination of the work of Emerson, Barthes and Derrida, and forms of resistance to institutional power which defy the active/passive binary, such as suicide, flight, and fainting. I am also deeply interested in the work of Dutch-Jewish philosopher Etty Hillesum and exploring ways to bring her theories into dialogue with film studies. I'm currently working on a monograph on Alice Rohrwacher. 

In brief

Research areas

film and religion, film-philosophy, grief and mourning, adolescence in film and Italian cinema