Kirsten Hermes

Kirsten Hermes

Kirsten Hermes joined the University of Westminster in September 2016 as a Senior Lecturer in Music Performance Technology. Prior to this, she undertook an EPRSC funded PhD in Sound Recording and Psychoacoustic Engineering at the University of Surrey. Her research work is contributing towards measuring and modeling the perceived quality of music mixes. The focus in on the parameters influencing the spectral clarity of sounds. Kirsten is also a music producer / electronica artist (

Kirsten's research focuses on the development of tools that can enhance creativity. The focus of her PhD was to work towards the development of automatic music mixing tools by finding predictors for one important mix parameter, spectral clarity.

Peer reviewed conference papers

 Hermes, K., Brookes, T., Hummersone, C., “The harmonic centroid as a predictor of string instrument timbral clarity”, 140th Audio Engineering Society Convention, Paris, France, June 2016.

Hermes, K., Brookes, T., Hummersone, C., “The influence of dumping bias on timbral clarity ratings”, 139th Audio Engineering Society Convention, New York USA, November 2015.

PhD Thesis

Hermes, K., Brookes, T., Hummersone, 2017, ‘Towards measuring music mix quality: the factors contributing to the spectral clarity of single sounds .’ Ph.D. Thesis, Institute of Sound Recording, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK.

  • Music Research Group

In brief

Research areas

Automatic music mixing, Sound clarity, Psychoacoustics and Listening test design