Dr Christopher Hogg

Chris has been teaching and course-leading on media-related degrees since 2009, with principal expertise in television. As a researcher, Chris specialises in television drama and screen acting, with a particular interest in bringing together industry and academic perspectives. His recent monograph, Adapting Television Drama: Theory & Industry (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021), examines the adaptations of contemporary television drama production in their various forms. Notably, drawing extensively on interview insights from female and/or minority-ethnic industry interviewees, the book explores the current phase of necessary industry adaptation in the handling of equality, diversity and inclusion.    

Chris's book, Acting in British Television (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017, co-authored with Dr Tom Cantrell, University of York), is the first book-length study of acting processes in contemporary television drama production. This book pioneered an industry-interview/process-focused approach to understanding television acting.  Chris has also co-edited (with Cantrell) a collection, Exploring Television Acting, for Bloomsbury (2018).

In addition to his books, Chris has published a wide range of chapters and articles on topics including: television acting, casting and inclusion in television drama production, well-being in the television industry, UK-to-US television drama format adaptations, music in period film, and media archiving, in journals such as Journal of British Cinema and TelevisionNew Review of Film and Television StudiesCritical Studies in Television, Media International Australia and Senses of Cinema. Between 2018 and 2020, Chris was also guest co-editor (with Dr Michael Goddard) of the TRANS TV dossier series for Critical Studies in Television.

Chris has a varied background in teaching, research and creative practice prior to taking-up his position as Senior Lecturer in Television Theory at the University of Westminster.

Chris holds a BA (Joint Honours) in English Literature and Linguistic Science (2006, University of York), an MA in Writing, Directing and Performance: Theatre, Film and Television (2008, University of York), and a PhD examining adaptation in television drama production (2012, University of York). Alongside his academic qualifications, Chris is trained as a voice coach.

From 2009-2012, Chris was a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television at the University of York, teaching both theory-led modules in Television Studies and more practice-based modules in storytelling, concept pitching and script development for screen drama.

From 2012-2016, Chris was Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication at Sheffield Hallam University, and Course Leader for Sheffield Hallam’s BA (Honours) Media degree.

From 2015-2019, Chris was External Examiner in Film, Television and Radio for the University of Staffordshire.

PhD Supervision

Chris has recently supervised to completion doctoral research investigating representations of a social ‘underclass’ on British television. He is currently supervising one doctoral project on hauntology, folk horror and psychogeography, and another on consultative filmmaking practice within the rural communities of the Dyfi Valley in Mid Wales. He would welcome PhD supervisees interested in British television drama, television acting, and screen adaptation.

Chris’s research interests are wide-ranging and include: British television drama, screen adaptation, television acting, casting for television drama (with a particular interest in representation, diversity and inclusion), and well-being in the television industry.  

Chris is a member of the Northern Television Research Group (associated with the Midlands Television Research Group).



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In brief

Research areas

television drama, screen storytelling & narrative theory, screen acting, screen adaptation, screen casting & equality, diversity and inclusion and wellbeing in the television industry

Skills / expertise

industry-interview/process-focused research and textual analysis

Supervision interests

television drama, screen acting and screen adaptation