Dr Fatima Maatwk

Dr Fatima Maatwk

Researcher and Lecturer at Westminster Business School and a Student Partnerships Lecturer at the Centre for Education and Teaching Innovation. I completed my doctoral research at Westminster Business School and completed my Bachelor and Masters degrees in Economics and Business Administration, at Humboldt University to Berlin, Germany. 

In my role as Student Partnership Lecturer, I engage in research projects on partnership in HE and Pedagogies for Social Justice. In further research, my focus is on investigating diversity and inclusion with a focus on examining the effectiveness of EDI management policies in both academic and non-academic settings. My doctoral research was about Contextualising Individual Diversity Perceptions: A Relational Study across Egypt, Germany, and the United Kingdom Technology Industries.

My research interests include social psychology, diversity & inclusion, decolonisation, intersectionality, and cross-cultural and gender studies.

  • Centre for Social Justice Research

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Research areas

Decolonisation, social justice, diversity and inclusion, intersectionality