Ms Anna Steinberg

I studied on a Foundation course at the Kent Institute of Art & Design, and specialised in illustration at Bath College of Higher Education. Since graduating I’ve worked as a freelance illustrator in various sectors, predominantly editorial, design and publishing.

After graduating I moved to London and worked part time on the membership desk at the Association of Illustrators. This alerted me to the value of a good knowledge of professional practice for freelancers, and the problems caused when it was lacking. This led me into teaching, and an enthusiasm to make issues such as copyright and negotiation accessible to students.

I’ve had work selected for exhibitions in a number of illustration awards and my submission to the London Transport Museum / AOI Poster Prize for illustration won the silver award in 2019.

I’ve written articles for the AOI’s Varoom Magazine exploring the projects of various illustrators, and also the therapeutic benefits of art, which is an area I have experience  in through volunteering and work.