Dr Sanjoy Deb

Dr Sanjoy Deb

Dr Sanjoy Deb is a lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition who has a range of expertise,  spanning the concept of personalised nutrition and nutraceuticals, the nutrient-exercise interaction with an appetite for health and also occupational physiology and nutrition. He also has a broader interest in behaviour change and the translation of science to improve the health and well-being of various population groups. His current work addresses health-related challenges in occupational divers,  health care professionals and menopausal women. 

Dr Deb has a range of expertise in designing and conducting human clinical research trials to evaluate the effect of nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements on human health and sports performance. He has worked with large global organisations by providing knowledge exchange and research services to help improve their current business operations and offer business solutions. Dr Deb has a track record of publishing international scientific journals and conference presentations.

As an applied practitioner, he has an array of applied experiences as a physiologist and performance nutritionist during his time working with elite/professional athletes from football, rugby and athletics. His main interest is working with ultra-endurance athletes to complete extreme challenges using contemporary nutritional science techniques. 

Dr Deb is an active early career translational scientist with experience in exercise, occupational, extreme environmental physiology/ nutrition and nutraceuticals. His work currently involves international industry and academic collaborations, which spans a range of research interests:

  • Occupational health, wellbeing and performance: developing evidence-based nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle guidelines 
  • Moving towards an era of personalised sport and exercise nutrition: a focus on nutraceuticals for health, wellbeing and performance  
  • Optimising nutrition and exercise behaviour change strategies through mHealth and digital strategies.

The goals of this research overall are to develop research themes that transcend academia to support the bigger picture; whether that is a societal impact or support the needs of industry partners. As such, Dr Deb looks to engage governing organisations and industry collaborators in current and future endeavours.

Ongoing projects:

Research to Practise: Optimising Evidence-Based Nutritional Recommendations to preserve health and performance in Professional Saturation Divers. Collaboration with Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Funded by Equinor, Norway (Principle-Investigator) 

Healing the healer: developing nutrition and physical activity guidance to improve health and wellbeing in doctors. (PhD student: Kui Sum - 2019 - 2022)

The use of mHealth to promote nutrition and exercise behaviours in menopausal women (PhD student: Hana Sediva)

Nutrient-exercise interaction on appetite regulation in hypoxic conditions (PhD student: Dakota De-Roek 2020 - 2023)

Research Funding 

Research to Practise: Optimising Evidence-Based Nutritional Recommendations to preserve health and performance in Professional Saturation Divers. Equinor, Norway. 2019 (For more information click here)

Expert Statement grant. British Association of Sport and Exercise Science. (Co-investigator) 

Holiday hunger: Impact analysis. Tower Hamlets Council. 2018 (co-investigator)

Travel grant from the Hyperbaric Centre of Ravena. 2017

Enquires from students looking for self-funded PhD studies or summer research assistants are welcome.  

  • The Centre for Nutraceuticals

In brief

Research areas

Exercise physiology, sports nutrition, occupational physiology and nutrition, extreme environmental physiology, translational physiology, physical activity promotion, health and wellbeing

Supervision interests

Nutrition and exercise from health to human performance