Mr Mustafa Abedmousa

Mr Mustafa Abedmousa

I joined the University of Westminster in 2018 as a PhD researcher in construction management. In addition, I am a lecturer in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Birzeit University- Palestine. I hold an MSc Degree in Construction Management (Distinction) from the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Birmingham- UK, in 2008. Additionally, I am trained in civil engineering with a Bachelor Degree (Distinction) from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Birzeit University, Palestine (2005). Between 2005 and 2007, I was a Teaching assistant in the civil and environmental engineering department. During that job, my work was to follow up with civil engineering students in most civil engineering labs. As well as I gave the students some tutorials in some of the civil engineering modules like Structural analysis, mechanics of materials, reinforced concrete design and statics


My research focuses on the area of construction labour productivity. I have been attending several seminars, training courses and conferences in this field. Since my study uses mix methods approach, I also have the skills to analyse qualitative data, which have been improved since I became a PhD researcher at the University of Westminster.     

Before joining the University of Westminster in 2018, I managed to published two conference journal articles. The title of the articles:

1-  Applicability of LEED certification system in Palestine

2-Evaluating sustainable housing locations: comparing the use of the network to euclidean proximity in the scoring process