Dr Tom Nadarzynski

Dr Tom Nadarzynski

PhD in Behavioural Medicine (Brighton and Sussex Medical School), MSc in Health Psychology (University College London), BSc Psychology (University of Southampton) 

Lectureship at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, the University of Southampton and the University of Westminster. 

Member of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV; British Psychological Society. 

The principal investigator and/or co-investigator on research grants from NIHR, MRC and PHE.

- Ethical applications of AI in healthcare; 

- Bias reduction and elimination; 

- User perspectives on AI for user-centred application; 

- User engagement; 

- Evidence-based approaches to AI design and implementation; 

- Evaluation of AI applications; 

- Digital sexual health interventions; 

- Vaccinations against sexually transmitted infections. 

In brief

Research areas

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare