Dr Elizabeth Mavropoulou

Dr Elizabeth Mavropoulou

Elizabeth Mavropoulou studied law in Athens (LLB). She is a non-practising attorney at law (non-practising). In 2014, she completed her postgraduate degree in Public International Law at the University of Westminster (LLM, Distinction). 

In 2021 Elizabeth completed her PhD degree defending her Thesis ‘Responsibility Sharing in International Refugee Law; Towards Differentiated Legal Obligations’. 

Elizabeth has also an eight years experience working with a human rights NGO, leading its research and advocacy work, overseeing its programmes. Working for a small NGO has offered Elizabeth the opportunity to acquire first hand knowledge from the field by speaking to and helping people on the ground access justice and contribute to policy and legislative change.  

Elizabeth has submitted experts evidence before the UK House of Lords on matters of asylum and protection of human rights at sea and her work has been cited in subsequent Inquiry Reports.

Elizabeth  researches and writes on matters of public international law, international human rights law and refugee law as well as on the emerging topic of human rights at sea.  Her research has a strong focus on the role of international law in the pursuit and realisation of community interests and its role for global justice. My focus in on the protection of refugees and human rights in international law.  Elizabeth is keen to continue to provide through research and advocacy expert guidance to policy makers with a view to influence and shape policy.  

  • International Law at Westminster

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Research areas

public international law, international refugee law, international human rights law and human rights at sea

Supervision interests

international law, international human rights law, refugee law, migration law and protecting human rights at sea