Dr Hamid Jahromi

Dr Hamid Zolghadrzadeh Jahromi is a Senior Lecturer at University of Westminster.  Hamid is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy and has extensive teaching experience in higher education. He is also an External Examiner (MEng/BEng/BSc in Civil Engineering) at NTU. Hamid specialises in the field of Structural Engineering and Construction Management. He is actively involved in both teaching and research and the outcome of his research is published in international journals and conferences. Hamid has excellent experience in design, development, validation and accreditation of variety of fundamental and advanced modules/courses in the field of Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Construction Management at both UG and PG Level.

Prior to joining University of Westminster, he was a Senior Lecturer, Course Director and Admissions Tutor for MSc Construction Management (Civil Engineering) program at Kingston University London and prior to that he was a Lecturer and UG Course Director at University of East London. 

Hamid completed his PhD at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London in 2009. The quality of the research work undertaken as part of his PhD studies was considered outstanding, leading to the prestigious award of Unwin prize in 2010. Prior to his PhD at Imperial College London, he successfully completed his MSc in Structural Engineering with Distinction at Cardiff University in 2005. 

Hamid is an active researcher and the outcome of his research is published in international journals and conferences. 

Hamid is currently supervising two PhD students. 

Research Interests:

  •  Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis, 
  • Computational Structural Mechanics, 
  • Simplified and Detailed Design Oriented Modelling of Structures
  • Concrete Structures, Sustainable Concrete Technology
  • Nonlinear Soil-Structure Interaction
  • Coupled modelling of Multi-Physics/Multiscale Mechanical Systems 
  • Big Data and Digital Construction
  • Active learning in Built Environment education, Game-based learning

Recent Funded Projects:

2020 - Sustainable Concrete Technology Lab £24000 - The Qunintin Hogg Trust (QHT)

2020 - Balsa Wood Bridge Project: £2000 (WBS)

2020 - Big Data and Digital Construction: £8000 (WBS)


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