Prof Brendon Noble

Professor Brendon Noble is a medicines development specialist and biotechnologist with an interest in musculoskeletal health, biomaterials and cell therapy production.

He is Professor of Regenerative Medicine andHead of the School of Life Sciences at the University of Westminsterandserved as Chief Scientific Officer & Director of Strategy at the U.K. Stem Cell Foundation.

He has been working in the field of stem cell biology since 1989. He developed his work in the Medical School at Cambridge University where he jointly held a Medical Research Council (MRC) Programme grant in the MRC Bone Group and was then Professor of Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh where he directed the Bone and Cartilage Repair Programme in the Medical Research Council "Centre for Regenerative Medicine". His research work has been funded by the MRC, the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the UK Stem Cell Foundation, Pfizer, Novartis, Geron Corporation and other sources.

Professor Noble has co-founded two cell therapy companies and has patented in the cell therapy field. He is familiar with the complexities and challenges associated with new cell therapy production for clinical use.

In addition, he has served on vision groups for a range of innovation parks and incubators, was Chair of the Life Sciences Sector Group of the New Anglia Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Trustee of the UK Stem Cell Foundation, a member of the Academic Health Sciences Network Industry Advisory Group, and sits on the board of charities including the Social Enterprise Mark, the Park Pharmacy Trust and is the Chair of the Frozen ark.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, the Royal Society of Arts, the Institute for Innovation & Knowledge Exchangeand Member of the Institute of Responsible Leadership.

  • Sustainable Materials in Regenerative Medicine

In brief

Research areas

Cell Therapies, Osteocytes, Free radicals, apoptosis and medicines development

Skills / expertise

Medicines development, Spin outs, Economic development and Cell therapy manufacture

Supervision interests

Cell therapies, Osteocyte biology, Metabolic bone disease, Cartilage and musculoskeletal regeneration and Sustainable materials