Dr Emma Gorman

Dr Emma Gorman

Emma is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Organisations, Economy and Society, and a member of the Centre for Employment Research. 

As an applied economist, Emma works on topics in education, health and labour economics. Her current research focuses on education, social mobility, and the economic and social determinants of population health disparities. Emma's research involves analysing large survey datasets, often linked with administrative records. 

Prior to joining the University of Westminster, she held posts at the New Zealand Treasury, University of Glasgow, and Lancaster University where she completed her PhD in Economics. Emma is affiliated with the IZA, Institute of Labor Economics network, as a Research Fellow since 2019.

Grant-funded research

  • Documenting post-war trends and determinants of social class mobility in England and Wales, including the role of selective schooling (joint with Franz Buscha and Patrick Sturgis, funder: ESRC)

  • Investigating the causes and consequences of youth custody in England, specifically focusing on the role of school peers (joint with Richard Dorsett, Veruska Oppedisano, Greta Morando, funder: Nuffield Foundation)
  • Analysis of post-16 education pathways that entrench social segregation (joint with Peter Urwin and Dave Thompson, funder: Nuffield Foundation)

  • Centre for Employment Research