Mr Tom Hooper

Tom has written, directed and produced commercials and short films, and has over twenty years of experience in script and story development. Formerly at Sarah Radclyffe Productions and the multi-Oscar winning Portobello Productions, he has worked on projects for writers such as John le Carré and Jez Butterworth, as well as the Oscar winning Czech director Jan Sverak. 

He has also worked on, and developed film and TV projects for companies such as Phoenix Films, Fandango, ITVStudios, Fiesta Productions, Tomato, Barge Pole and Head Gear, and is a Development Executive with the Award-winning development company Script Compass.   

Within his research, he is particularly interested in the processes and psychology of ideas creation and the development of learning, as well as having a passion for philosophy and history, specifically the late English Renaissance and early Enlightenment.