Dr Alexandra Fowler

Dr Alexandra Fowler joined the University of Westminster Law School in early 2020. She completed a Doctor of Juridical Studies at Sydney University School of Law in 2018 with her thesis on the topic of compensation for victims of wartime violations of international law. She also holds a Masters degree in International Relations (Monash University) and a Bachelors degree with Honours (Class 1) in Chemistry (University of New South Wales).

She has six years of teaching experience at the undergraduate and at the postgraduate level spanning her time at Westminster and as a sessional/guest lecturer at Sydney University, University of Technology Sydney and at Macquarie University. Her teaching and research expertise is principally in the areas of international law and public law. 

Prior to her academic career she served in the Australian diplomatic service during which she undertook long-term postings to Thailand and to Jordan, as well as short-term deployments in Hong Kong, in PNG, and with UN specialist teams in Iraq. 

Research interests lie in the following areas:

  • International humanitarian law (particularly redress for victims of conflict)
  • WMD and disarmament law, emerging battlefield technologies as well as chemical and biological weaponry
  •  International criminal law
  •  International human rights law
  •  Constitutionalism, particularly in societies emerging from conflict.  

Current research projects include:

  • Iraqi Kurdish prosecutions of 'Islamic State' fighters and the impact of these trials on domestic respect for international human rights and humanitarian law
  • Reparations for Ugandan victims of the Lord's Republican Army (LRA): a new hope?
  • Prosecution of Australian war crimes in Afghanistan
  • The Biological Weapons Convention as it nears 50 years old. 

  • International Law at Westminster

Australian Service Medal

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