Dr Nikolaos Souvlakis

After trained as sports scientist and being a professional athlete I had to face my insecurities, which led me to study psychoanalysis. I became a Lacanian psychoanalyst and practicing since 2000. During my analytic training I also became sign language interpreter, which led me to experience the effect of our relationship to identity in mental health. Then I decided to study psychology and further engage on master level with forensic psychology and then religious psychology. I developed particular interest in spirituality and psychopathic personalities. I then trained as psychodynamic psychotherapist and became Gestalt clinical supervisor. Through my clinical work I have engaged in different project in examining sex cruising and chems attitudes and their role in one’s personhood. All my previous experiences as clinician and researcher epitomized with my current anthropological research on psychotropic beliefs, possession and the effect of eye as mirrors to the individuals’ ‘I’.

My research interests expand to:

1. Religious Psychology

2.  Sexuality, sex issues

3. Wellbeing and spirituality

4. Social, Medical anthropology

In brief

Supervision interests

Personhood, Spirituality, Psychoanalysis, Wellbeing, LGBTQI+ , Forensic and Theology