Dr Yue Li

I completed my PhD at the University of Edinburgh and have joined the University of Westminster in 2020. My main research interests are in individual differences, developmental psychology and educational psychology. Specifically, I am interested in topics relating to (but not limited to) the effects of personality domains on children’s educational attainment and the effects of psychological manipulations on children’s cognitive test scores. I am also interested in finding effective psychological manipulations to increase children’s educational attainment, exploring the effects of motivation in children’s learning, and the cultural and gender differences in children’s educational attainment.

I have done research on testing the effects of playing number board games on preschoolers' mathematics performance, whether holding a growth mindset would increase children's cognitive performance and academic performance, would gender stereotype about brilliance influence children's career interests, and how personality traits could affect children’s school performance. 

In brief

Research areas

mindset, gender stereotype, personality, motivation, academic performance and trust in police

Skills / expertise

R programme and SPSS

Supervision interests

individual differences and developmental psychology