Mr Md Sarker

Mr Md Sarker

Md.Sarker is a doctoral student in his third year of study at the University of Westminster, located in London, where he is affiliated with the School of Computer Science and Engineering. Under the supervision of Dr. Daphne Economou, Mr. Sarker conducts interdisciplinary research aimed at enhancing the visitor experience in museums.

In his research, Mr. Sarker advances the argument that museum visitors can maximize their learning and enjoyment by engaging in game-like activities during their visits. He focuses specifically on the use of treasure hunt games as a mechanism to promote communication, collaboration, and learning, while simultaneously fostering a sense of enjoyment and fun among visitors.

The principal objective of Mr. Sarker's research is to develop a comprehensive game design framework that incorporates gamification techniques, with the ultimate goal of improving the overall museum experience for visitors. Mr. Sarker's work has significant potential to make a valuable contribution to the fields of museum studies and game design research, with far-reaching implications for the cultural sector as a whole.

Md.Sarker has a keen research interest in gamification and serious gaming. Specifically, his research is focused on how game mechanics can be harnessed to improve the overall experience of visitors to museums and cultural sites. Mr. Sarker seeks to leverage the power of game mechanics to make museum visits more interactive, engaging, and educational

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In brief

Research areas

Gamification, , serious games, museum experience , Treasure-hunt Game and Full-stake development

Skills / expertise

Full-stake development, game research , statistical analysis, survey design and data visualisation

Supervision interests

Serious game research, Game design