Dr Tatjana Bolic

Dr Tatjana Bolic

I am a transportation engineer by training, which is a rather inter-disciplinary field that sparked my varied research interests in different areas of transportation engineering, like air traffic management, aviation meteorology, diffusion of innovation, air transportation, human factors, airport design and logistics. Previously I worked at University of Trieste as a post-doctoral fellow working on several air traffic management projects. I also worked as a consultant, in Europe and USA.

On top of research I like to participate in different research and industry organizations, being involved in the design of the future research directions. I am a Chairperson of the SESAR 3 JU Scientific Committee, and a Committee Research Coordinator of the Airfield and Airspace Capacity and Delay Committee (AV060) of the Transportation Research Board.


PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, USA: Thesis: “Automation Adoption and Adaptation in Air Traffic Control”

MSc Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, USA

BA, Air Transportation Engineering, Faculty of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia

My research focuses on varied topics in the air traffic management - airline behaviour, system performance, aviation meteorology and cybersecurity in aviation.

  • Transport and Mobilities
  • Centre for ATM Research