Dr Natalia Yerashenia

Dr Natalia Yerashenia

Dr Natalia Yerashenia is a Data Science & Analytics Lecturer at the University of Westminster, coming from a multidisciplinary background that spans Engineering, Finance, and Computer science. 

She holds a BA and MA in Economics and Production Engineering from the Belarusian National Technical University in Minsk, Belarus. After achieving her initial degrees, she worked as a Lecturer for the Financial Management module at the same institution. She also gained practical experience as a Financial Data Analyst for the Department of Economic Analysis at the Civil Engineering Research Institute (Minsk).

Later, she joined the University of Westminster, where she furthered her academic portfolio by earning an MSc in Finance and Accounting. Her passion for blending finance with technology led her to complete a PhD in Computer Science at the same university. 

Natalia’s professional focus is on applying cutting-edge data science tools and techniques to financial and market data analysis. Her primary areas of specialisation include Fintech, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Semantic Approach in Data Analytics, Ontologies, Knowledge Graphs, and Graph Databases. 

As an educator, Natalia is committed to translating her expertise and insights into the classroom, preparing her students for the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of Data Science & Analytics.

PhD Thesis Topic – Generic Architecture for Predictive Computational Modelling with Application to Financial Data Analysis: Integration of Semantic Approach and Machine Learning

  • Software Systems Engineering

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Research areas

Fintech, Data Mining & Machine Learning, Semantic Web, Ontologies, Graph Databases, Neural Networks , Time-Series Forecasting and Knowledge Graphs

Skills / expertise

Data Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Applied Mathematics, Python, R, MATLAB and Statistics