Dr Sinead Roberts

Dr Sinead Roberts

The acute and chronic response to exercise depends on a complex interplay between the training stimulus, physiology, nutritional state, genetics, and environment. My research interests focus on metabolic and physiological responses to multi-modal concurrent training, namely in Functional Fitness, and how these factors impact performance potential in elite athletes, as well as health and longevity in the general population.  

As a performance nutritionist, I look to practically influence acute and chronic responses to training through diet and supplementation. Athletes I have supported include international level weightlifters, British Title level boxers, World Title level BJJ competitors, and elite CrossFit athletes.

I now bring together my passion for science, coaching and education as a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at the University of Westminster.

My background is in cell growth and metabolism, with a PhD investigating growth factor regulation of the addition of cell mass and volume. It was here I developed a keen interest in understanding how cells respond to stress and physiological extremes. This ultimately led to my passion for understanding the acute and chronic response to exercise stress, and how we can manipulate this to maximise an adaptive outcome (and avoid a maladaptive outcome).  

My research is focussed on understanding the molecular signalling in response to Functional Fitness training, how this differs depending on an individual’s training and physiological state, and the link between the acute molecular response and long term adaptive outcome.

In brief

Research areas

Muscle Physiology, Concurrent Training, Cell Growth and Metabolism and Cell Signalling

Skills / expertise

Cell Biology, Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition

Supervision interests

Exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition and Cell Metabolism