Dr Hamed Hamzeh

Dr Hamed Hamzeh

I'm a Postdoctoral research associate at the Centre for Parallel and Distributed Computing (CPC) at the University of Westminster. I received my Ph.D. in cloud computing from Bournemouth University in 2021 and hold an MSc degree in data science from Istanbul Sehir University, Turkey. I joined the CPC in 2021 and am working on various projects (Currently conducting research and developing components related to the projects) such as MiCADO (which is an auto-scaling framework for Docker containers, orchestrated by Kubernetes), ASCLEPIOS (which offers the ability to users to verify the integrity of their medical devices before receiving them while receiving simultaneously certain guarantees about the trustworthiness of their cloud service provider.), DigitBrain ( is an EU innovation program to give SMEs easy access to digital twins), and COVERSATILE (aims at increasing the adaptation capacity, resilience, and flexibility of the European manufacturing sector to satisfy a sudden rise in demand for vital medical supplies.

My areas of research are cloud computing, computer networks, data science, and algorithms. My Ph.D. thesis is titled "Fairness for resource allocation in cloud computing". Accordingly, I proposed novel algorithms to tackle unfair resource allocation and task scheduling in heterogeneous cloud settings. I published several papers at international conferences/journals and participated as a technical committee member in the IEEE ICCCS conference for two consecutive years.


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  • Centre for Parallel Computing

In brief

Research areas

Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, Data Science and Algorithms

Skills / expertise

AWS, Kubernetes, Python, Java, Data Analysis and Ubuntu

Supervision interests

Cloud Computing , Algorithms, Data Science, Software Engineering and Computer networks