Mr Sorin Zahan

Mr Sorin Zahan

I am a lecturer in construction with WBS's School of Applied Management. I have an engineering degree, and a Master degree in Project Management. I have over sixteen years work experience in the UK construction industry engineering and project management. As module leader, my focus is on delivering quality teaching and relevant information to the best of my abilities. Although momentarily I do not have specific research or management interests, this could change in the near future.

Although I currently do not take part in any research projects, I am planning to get involved in various research projects in the future. My research interests are in project management, stakeholder and risk management and Soft System Methodologies.

In brief

Research areas

Stakeholder Management in the UK Construction Industry and Soft System Methodologies (SSD)

Skills / expertise

Soft System Methodologies research method, Holistic analysis of complex, messy situations and Semi-structured interviews