Dr Jamie Furlong

I am a Research Fellow at the University's Active Travel Academy. I have broad research interests that include active travel interventions, travel behaviour, urban and social policy and urban theory. Currently, I am working on quantitative elements to projects analysing the impact of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in London and the UK more widely.  

I am currently involved in research aiming to understand the impacts of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods with various questions in mind: How do they affect active travel and car use? How does this vary by type of scheme, scope and location? To what extent is there traffic displacement or evaporation? What are the experiences of stakeholders involved in delivering these projects?  

  • Transport and Mobilities

In brief

Research areas

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, active travel interventions, transport behaviour change, urban theory, spatial analysis, public opinion, urban and regional policy

Skills / expertise

Data analysis, survey analysis, R, QGIS, data visualisation, statistical modelling, machine learning

Supervision interests

Active travel interventions, urban analysis, urban and regional policy, travel behaviour analysis