Ms Wendy Histon

Wendy is an experienced Academic in both UK and French Business Schools, responsible for curriculum development, with a focus upon digital analytics, CRM systems and data driven marketing strategies. Prior to joining Westminster, Wendy was an Associate Lecturer at Newcastle University Business School (London campus), Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire University Business Schools and several French Business Schools in Paris.

Wendy has continued to integrate marketing consultancy services for SMEs, into her teaching, providing students with an opportunity to work on ”live projects” solving marketing issues for companies. In France, Wendy established a marketing consultancy for French SMEs/Start-ups expanding abroad. Clients included predictive technologies, adaptive assessment platforms and online learning providers, targeting largely corporate training or HE sectors in London. At the University of Bedfordshire, Wendy worked closely with the Innovation and Enterprise Service, providing marketing consultancy services for SMEs in the local region.

Consultancy Services for SMEs, include: data driven marketing strategy, SEO reporting, analytics, content design, developing customer experience and driving engagement.

Data Surveillance, Data Mining and Sentiment Analysis in relation to Sustainability and Communications. Wearable Technology and the impact of Self-Tracking on Well-Being, Performance and Motivation. Digital Performance and Addictive Behaviour.

In brief

Research areas

Digital Behaviour Developments – COVID-19, Wearable Technology in Sport & Health and the impact of Self-Tracking on Well-Being, Performance and Motivation and Digital Performativity and Addictive Behaviour.

Supervision interests

Data Surveillance, Data Analytics, Digital Self-Tracking and Addictive Behaviour.