Dr Francesco Tusa

Dr Francesco Tusa

Francesco received a Master Post-degree in Open Source and Information Security in 2008 and a PhD in Advanced Technologies for Information Engineering in 2011 from University of Messina. He worked as Research Associate at University of Messina and University College London. He is now a Lecturer in Computer Science and Engineering at University of Westminster.

Francesco's research interests and expertise are in the area of distributed systems, virtualisation, Cloud and Fog computing, Grid and High Performance Computing, systems management, Information Security, and Federation of distributed computing systems and Internet of Things.

He is co-editor of the book “Achieving Federated and Self-Manageable Cloud Infrastructures: Theory and Practice” and co-authored over 40 conference and journal papers.

Francesco contributed to several EU-funded research projects in the area of Cloud and Networks, such as NECOS, 5GEx, SONATA, VISION Cloud and RESERVOIR.

He also has technical experience in designing and developing large distributed software systems as well as in managing large testbeds, clusters and distributed computing infrastructures. 

Francesco is currently investigating new Fog Computing paradigms for IoT and is working on the design of a new privacy-preserving DNS.

  • Centre for Parallel Computing

In brief

Research areas

Cloud Computing, Edge and Fog Computing, Software Defined Infrastructures, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity , Distributed Systems and Serverless Computing

Skills / expertise

Systems design, Implementation of distributed software systems and Large-scale testing and evaluation