Dr Samuel Westwood

Dr Samuel Westwood

BSc Psychology ~ University of Birmingham, 2010-2013

PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience ~ Aston University, 2013-2018

Postdoctoral Researcher ~ King's College London, 2017-2020

Lecturer in Psychology ~ University of Wolverhampton, 2020-2021

Lecturer in Psychology ~ University of Westminster, 2021-2022

Samuel Westwood is cognitive neuroscientist with expertise in neuromodulation and meta-research (i.e., research on researcher). He has a keen interest in providing best practice guidance in psychiatric research, particularly with respect to non-pharmacological treatments for dopamine related disorders (e.g., attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder [ADHD] and Parkinson's Disease). In 2021, he received the Young Investigator Award from the ADHD World Congress in recognition of his innovative work investigating non-invasive brain stimulation as a treatment alternative for ADHD. His work has been presented at national and internal conferences, and published in field leading journals, including Psychological Medicine, American Journal of Psychiatry, and Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

  • Centre for Psychological Sciences

In brief

Research areas

ADHD, Open Science and Neuromodulation

Skills / expertise

Meta-analysis, Statistical analyses and Brain stimulation

Supervision interests

ADHD, Open & Reproducible Research and Improving research integrity in Psychiatry
Young Investigator Award (2021)

ADHD World Congress