Ms Maria Bortnovskaya

Ms Maria Bortnovskaya

Maria Bortnovskaya is a Lecturer in Management and Marketing at the University of Westminster.

Her 13-year career spans across marketing, management, PR, and journalism. Maria has worked with a wide range of B2C and B2B organisations across a variety of industries and sectors, including financial services providers, regional government departments, educational institutions, and creative businesses. Key roles included a communications and marketing strategist, a market researcher, a business strategy consultant, a Governor’s speechwriter, a press officer to Vice-Governors, a journalist and an editor.

From 2018 to 2022, she was working with various London-based organisations and was helping them to develop and refine marketing and PR strategies, manage international campaigns, create engaging marketing materials, conduct market and customer research, deliver digital transformation & innovation, optimise supply chain management and operations management. 

Her research interests include strategic marketing communications, project management, content personalisation and fragmentation of audience consumption. 

She is currently finishing her doctorate research on content personalisation at the University of Westminster, which is supported by the Foundation Main Grant from Funds for Women Graduates (UK).