Miss Brenda Parolin

Miss Brenda Parolin

Brenda Parolin is a registered associate nutritionist working as a research assistant at the Centre for Nutraceuticals. Additionally, she provides nutritional support to the elite football players of the international FIFA football agent Andrea Boscolo.

She has a varied experience in the food and football industries, based on providing nutritional advice, building international solid relationships, managing commercial deals and running marketing strategies. She has a multifactorial approach, shaped by a varied background, combining physical, nutritional and psychosocial aspects.

Originally, she became an agricultural engineer at the prestigious University of Buenos Aires, where she also acquired research experience by working for the department of Phytopathology. Her academic excellence was rewarded by the ARFITEC scholarship to study at the French University ESA, L'Ecole Supérieure des Agricultures, for one year. Once in London, she pursued her passion for human nutritional sciences. She obtained a first-class honoured BSc. in Human Nutrition at London Metropolitan University and then, a Masters in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at the University of Westminster.

Besides, she has a multilingual ability and cultural awareness, which helps her empathize and connect with a broader audience in an integrative way. These skills were appreciated by the Rotary Club, which granted her a cultural internship in Atlanta, the U.S.A.

Brenda is passionate about research, education integrated with neuroscience, and innovative foods and supplements to improve health and performance. However, in her master’s, she stretched her limits by selecting a dissertation topic that was out of her comfort zone, named: ‘A machine learning approach to map the effects of iron and curcumin supplementation on gut health”. This study has given her new skills in data analysis and machine learning, nourishing her multifactorial mindset, infinite curiosity, and love for learning.